DREAM DIARY: How to Lucid Dream

You can learn how to control your dreams in three weeks or less by using three simple steps every day. They are your dreams and you can do what you want to do in them. Your awareness and imagination are the only limits.

A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.


Step #1 – Start your “Dream Diary”

As soon as you wake up record your dream as accurately as possible. Do not spare any detail. Use whatever recording media works best for you: pen and paper, audio, video. Do your best to remember and record your dream as much as possible. Do not be discouraged if your first few entries are light on quantity and details. You are expanding your cognitive abilities into new frontiers so try to do your best with the materials and time that you have.

Step #2 –  Learn your “Dream Check”

You have to train yourself to know the differences between your waking and dreaming states. Ask yourself “Am I dreaming?” frequently during day, most especially when you experience anything out of the ordinary or powerful emotions. Look at your hands. Are they distorted? Dreams are typically distorted. Read something like a clock or a poster. Is it distorted? Look away and then read it again. Did the letters change or no longer make sense? Dream numbers and letters typically appear as moving hieroglyphs that have blurry, nonsensical meanings. If your dream check is not distorted tell yourself “I will know when I am dreaming”. If your dream check is distorted tell yourself “I am dreaming”.

Step #3 – Discover your “Dream Keys”

After a few days of recording your dreams you will notice frequently recurring places and objects in every dream diary entry you record. These are your dream keys that will help you unlock your consciousness to realize that you are dreaming. Every time you encounter your dream keys you should immediately repeat Step #2 and dream check.


Level #1 – Aware

The easiest and most common level of lucid dreaming is simple awareness. You know that you are dreaming but you have little or no control over the dream. You can choose what to do or say but you cannot alter the narrative of the dream characters and environments. Dream sequences can change unexpectedly against your will and this usually either throws you out of lucidity or wakes you. You only realize that a small focal point in the dream is “you” while everything and everybody else is “not you” and you act accordingly.

Level #2 – Active

The majority of entries in a well managed dream diary are accounts of intermediate activity. You know your dream keys well and you exploit them often.  You are sometimes in good control of both the narrative and characters but still consider most of everything and everybody else as “not you”.  You can fly, you can do magic, you can do amazing things. You can control parts of the environment but you have little control over sequences. This means that the entire scenery, narrative, and characters can usually change on you against your will.  When sequences change you sometimes lose this level of lucidity. Sometimes force yourself to wake up when you realize you are losing what little control you have over yourself and the dream. Sometimes you will have a dream that you “woke up” and continue dreaming at a lower level of lucidity. Some people claim to have spiritual or supernatural visions, signs, or contact at this level of lucidity

Level #3 – Authority

You realize, while you are dreaming, that everything in that dream is just a dream. The ground, the people, the conversations, they are all just products of your imagination and you have full control over them. That is not your long dead relative you are looking at. That is you. That is not hot lava you are sinking into. That is you. That is not a frightening monster you are running from. That is you. You have come to full realization, while dreaming, that everything IS you in your dream and you have become an authority over everything. You can wish that monster away or instead confront it and inquire why it is chasing you. This level of lucidity can open doors of insight to your inner most thoughts. Anyone can realize that everything in their dream was just a product of their imagination while they are awake. That’s easy. The difficult part is realizing everything is a dream during your dream.

Featured Image by Julie Dillon

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