The Flooded Muddy Fuzzy Dream

This is my very first dream diary entry. I cant remember the beginning of this dream, but I do remember that I was riding down Bainbridge blvd. towards the small bridge by the hardware store. It was raining and flooding.

I got near the bridge and a huge wave came from the creek, over the buildings, and into the old family car I was driving. The car was a blue Gremlin and the wave pushed me into the City Lights Bar. I got out of the car and the ground all around me looked like the bottom of the creek; muddy and soft.

I come back in flying over a huge ditch near a road and forested area. I zoom into the ditch and take human perspective. There was a bulldozer digging the ditch out next to a gift shop. My old friend Chris Forehand was there. He had a cloth bag full of six hacky sacks and was kicking the entire bag around. I was running in and out of the ditch and saying out loud “Where do the frequencies accumulate?”

Diary Date: March 04, 2001

Lucidity Level: 0

Notes: This was my very first entry in my very first Dream Diary. Things were very fuzzy and I’m not very sure how accurate any of this information is.


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