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Zerth Karach Blade

I absolutely enjoyed playing Dak’kon in Planescape: Torment. Dak’kon did for the Githzerai what Drizzt Do’Urden did for the Drow. So I decided to make a Karach blade compatible for 5e D&D. Continue reading Zerth Karach Blade

A Day of Keto

There are so many sites on the net debunking so many false claims about the Ketogenic diet, specifically “Nutritional Ketosis”, that I’m not even going to address them or even link them to this post. I have decided to instead post a “day in the life” of what Keto is like for me in my own personal experience and share it with you. I have taken pictures where applicable and measured everything to the best of my ability. Continue reading A Day of Keto